Standards for Mobile Learning

23 05 2006

I’m currently ACT Representative on the E-Standards for Training Experts Group, which reviews and recommends technical standards for delivering e-learning across Australia (with a view to best practice, interoperability and compatibility between states and territories).

At our most recent meeting, on Monday, we started a discussion on standards for mobile learning, and proposed a working group to look at the issues in more detail. In developing or recommending standards for mobile learning, I feel it will be important to consider the kinds of learning activities or outcomes that mobile learning facilitates, and focus on recommending and developing enabling standards that make these activities and outcomes as accessible, equitable and user-friendly as possible.

Another thing we’ll need to consider is that “mobile learning” is not restricted merely to PDAs or mobile phones – many other mobile devices can be used for learning purposes, including portable media players, USB drives, e-Book readers, digital cameras, and GPS handsets. Given the multiplicity of mobile devices, we may have to define the scope of “mobile learning” for the purposes of defining standards, and/or what platforms or formats such standards should support.

As the EEG assembles its recommendations for Australian mobile learning standards, I’ll publish progress reports on this blog, and will be happy to take any feedback back to the EEG for discussion.