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7 09 2006

Thanks to my colleague Marg, who pointed me in the direction of this peer-reviewed paper, “The new mobile scholar and effective use of ICT” (Bills, Holliman et al. 2006):

ABSTRACT: Our goal in this article is to understand how scholars — who need to collect, organize, analyze, and present large amounts of information in a short period of time — can use mobile information and communication technology (ICT) to work more efficiently and effectively. We argue that wireless fidelity (wi–fi) and universal serial bus (USB) technologies have made it possible for social scientists to work more productively outside of their own offices, but that many lack the kinds of practical knowledge needed to do so. We discuss ways in which understanding and using some basic and generally inexpensive ICT devices can help the “new mobile scholar” take full advantage of emerging ICTs.

A number of mobile learning activities can be extrapolated from this detailed and interesting article on scholarly mobility.

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