I’m going to start making some of my work in mobile learning available from this area of my blog, including published papers on the use of mobile learning; workshops, presentations and activities I’ve created, to promote mobile learning; and a number of games and activities I’ve designed for mobile learning, which can be applied by other teachers to suit a range of educational needs. As well as an educator, I’m a university-trained/qualified programmer, so I might even start creating educationally-designed programs to run on various mobile platforms – stay tuned. :)

Publications on M-Learning

Workshops on M-Learning

Presentations on M-Learning

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Mobile Games/Activities and Lesson Plans for Learning


Really useful software I use and recommend to create and deliver m-learning.

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    13 04 2008
      Preston (22:46:27) :     

    I am doing a project which has a topic on mLearning : The Vulnerabilities( i.e hacking/cheating the system). However i have not found any material to use, plus my country(South Africa) doesn’t implement mLearning, so i cant even use for instance mLearning software to try by actual tests how secure/unscure mLearing is. Please if you can suggest to me some places to find good information. Any help will be appreciated.

    Preston Naidoo

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