Augmented reality m-learning concept

Who do I go and see if I’ve got an idea for a mobile device? 🙂

Bringing together the ideas of augmented reality, wearable technology, and mobile learning, here’s a concept for an m-learning device that allows the learner to “see” and interact with learning opportunities and activities in real-time and in their immediate physical context, thanks to a curved, flexible, transparent, wearable LCD screen that can be stowed over-the-head when not in use.

The outside of the visor is a touch screen, enabling direct interaction with the visor without removing it or having to blindly grope for buttons on one’s ears. Using image recognition as well as a built-in camera, GPS and compass, the unit can determine appropriate learning materials, according to the user’s preferences.

Update: recently referred to an article from The Economist, with some similar predictions for the future, including an eerily similar vision of where mobile technology, augmented reality, and wearable technology could intersect:

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Mobile phone convergence (humour)

If you’re running a mobile learning workshop, it’s always good to find a related funny to engage your audience. 

What with the increasing number of features being packed into mobile phones, this is the video funny that had to happen. This video is in Dutch, but you’ll still get a good laugh at what the future might hold for mobile technology, featuring the Sumsing Turbo Xi Multitask cellphone – it slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries…

(via Gizmodo)

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