Carnival of the Mobilists, Edition 56

The 56th Edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists is being hosted this week at Mopocket, and includes my article on the use of product QR Codes in Japan as a model for informal mobile learning.

In addition, there are a number of interesting articles on digital mobility for educators and developers interested in the use of portable digital devices for teaching and learning.

For educators interested in the social and connected aspects of learning theory, a brief article from the SmallDoses blog on “Mobile devices as an extension of social software,” lamenting the reticence of most major web services and mobile operators outside of Japan to embrace the inherent socialness of mobile technologies. From my previous efforts to engage with Australian mobile service operators, I can certainly relate.

If you’re considering delivering mobile learning to young people, consider some of the information presented by the Xellular Identity blog, with its series of posts on youth trends in digital mobility. In particular, there’s couple of interviews with Nick Wright, a Research Associate at Wireless World, and co-author of the mobileYouth report 2006:

Finally, for anyone currently engaged with developing mobile applications for education, take note of this post from the Mobbu blog, written by an active mobile application developer from their experience with developing mobile applications for public sector and enterprise clients, on design principles for mobile software for those users. As a professionally qualified software developer myself, I endorse many of the principles set out in that post as insightful and powerful recommendations.

My fellow edubloggers may also be interested in my preparation for launching a Carnival of the Edublogs early next year (so that the lull of the holidays doesn’t slow the momentum of the event getting going). I’ve already set up a blog for tracking each week’s installment at, and for collaboratively maintaining information on Carnival participation as contributor or a host.

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