M-Learning Month!

If there was ever a month I could christen “M-Learning Month” it would have to be this one. The Handheld Learning 2007 conference was held last week, M-Learn 2007 is set to kick of in Melbourne next week, and all this month the topic for discussion over at EdNA National Networks forum is M-Learning.

Our special 10,000th passenger cake

It is really terrific to see the interest in m-learning across Australia and around the world rapidly increasing… with more mobile phones that personal computers in the world (not to mention media players and other mobile devices) m-learning can be used as a valuable strategy in many learning settings, as evidenced by the many case studies in this recent Education.au report.

I’m really looking forward to next week’s conference, with particular hopes of meeting and conversing with many of the people who have inspired the way I think about mobile learning myself, such as Professor Mike Sharples (who will be a keynote speaker). His paper, “A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age” is a good summary of his ideas about how to think about, design and implement m-learning strategies, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing him in person.  (Incidentally, check out the site that paper comes from for a terrific collection of publications on m-learning).

It will also be terrific to meet up in person with other mobile learning edubloggers, many of whom I haven’t yet in person. Sue Waters, you know who you are. 🙂

I’ll be live- (or as near as I can)- blogging the M-Learn 2007 conference and all related social events, so be sure to visit to hear the latest and best in M-Learning!

Happy M-Learning Month!

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2 thoughts on “M-Learning Month!

  1. I am SO excited to have found your blog and have been subscribed via RSS for about 3 weeks now.

    I have just been awarded an e-fellowship for 2008 to research the use of mobile devices in classrooms here in New Zealand.

    The fellowship releases me from the classroom for a full year to conduct my research and I can’t wait to start – unfortunately right now my girls have exams in 4 weeks and if I start thinking about this too much they will never get any marked work back!

    I was unable to attend the conference in England and won’t be attending the one in Melbourne either so I look forward to reading your take on the proceedings.

    Toni Twiss

  2. Hi Toni – thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on your e-fellowship… that sounds like a terrific opportunity to advance the use of m-learning in the southern hemisphere! While Europe has spend over 14.5 million Euro on researching and implementing m-learning, there haven’t been quite so many projects specifically on mobile learning here in Australasia, so I’d love to hear how you’re doing – perhaps you’d be interested in starting your own blog??? 🙂

    Stay tuned for the latest from MLearn 2007! 🙂

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